GDPR: Do You Need Consent to Perform Due Diligence?

The GDPR and is almost here and I frequently get consulted about the role and the impact of the Regulation on anti-corruption due diligence as this latter process is very likely to retrieve personal information. In particular, very recently, I was asked if consent was required. Making a long story short, no, it is not… Read More

Interested in Due Diligence and Anti-Corruption Training?

I am pleased to invite you to the first training session, which will take place on November 17 in Paris. I will be delivering this training along with Domingos Paiva, for any information, please refer to the brochure below or, alternatively, get in touch with Domingos or with me.

Anti-Corruption, Here When You Should Start Worrying

In order to clarify some aspects  surrounding due diligence, I decided to write down some of the most dangerous situation one may encounter in his business life. The list below refers to third parties.  Introduced by a public official as it may represent an indirect bribe, Seems not to have sufficient staff and/or means to… Read More

Addressing (Possible) Business Partners Past Misconducts

“Due Diligence results are not what we were hoping for. What should we do?” I have heard this question many many times as anti-corruption due diligence is getting extremely important these days. Answering  is not an easy task since there are countless cases and possibilities to take into account and must be assessed on case… Read More

We Are Preparing Due Diligence Training

Due diligence, when done properly, can avoid many troubles, particularly when it comes to financial crime, anti-corruption and AML. For this reason, along with other colleagues, we thought to offer this service which will mainly focus on 3 areas: Anti-Corruption Due Diligence,  Reputational damages, Personal Liability  The type of training we are forecasting is very… Read More