Christmas time, review your gift policy

It’s that time of the year again; many business meetings, several deals to close before the end of the year, dinners and…season gifts.  What can be assumed to be an innocent gift can, in reality, be a violation of anti-corruption laws, turning a festive moment into a nightmare. Let’s see what we can do to… Read More

GDPR: Do You Need Consent to Perform Due Diligence?

The GDPR and is almost here and I frequently get consulted about the role and the impact of the Regulation on anti-corruption due diligence as this latter process is very likely to retrieve personal information. In particular, very recently, I was asked if consent was required. Making a long story short, no, it is not… Read More

Do you want to avoid GDPR pitfalls? Perform a Data Protection Impact Assessment

According to the Regulation, a DPIA shall be done if: automated processing on which decisions producing legal effects on physical persons are taken, sensitive data processing (including offences and convictions), systematic monitoring a public area on a large scale basis. It goes without saying that not all companies out there will be required to undertake… Read More

Interested in Due Diligence and Anti-Corruption Training?

I am pleased to invite you to the first training session, which will take place on November 17 in Paris. I will be delivering this training along with Domingos Paiva, for any information, please refer to the brochure below or, alternatively, get in touch with Domingos or with me.