We Are Preparing Due Diligence Training

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Due diligence, when done properly, can avoid many troubles, particularly when it comes to financial crime, anti-corruption and AML.

For this reason, along with other colleagues, we thought to offer this service which will mainly focus on 3 areas:

  • Anti-Corruption Due Diligence, 
  • Reputational damages,
  • Personal Liability 

The type of training we are forecasting is very practical and, further to the interest for the article How to Prioritize Your Anti-Corruption Due Diligence

prioritization will have a special place.

Eventually, also non disclosure agreements in extraordinary operations (such as M&A and JVs) will be extensively discussed.

Now it’s your turn,

Is there any specific topic would you like to be covered?

Any other language rather than English?

Should you have any question or would like to submit an idea to our attention, please, feel free to reach out here Contacts or on LinkedIn.




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