If you have been following this blog, you know that I dealt with the  issue of extortion  rather often;

Sugarcoating extortion

Corruption Or Extortion 

 I recently came across the story of a journalist who was allegedly extorted while on a business trip (here the entire story) in Kenya. Hopefully the competent Authorities will deeply investigate the matter soon.
Unfortunately it is not always possible, by means of appropriate due diligence, avoiding such problems, nonetheless, as an experienced traveller, I would like to share some tips with you:
  • Avoid traveling with jewelry, expensive cameras and a lot of cash,
  • If you are working on your laptop, always use a trustworthy cloud service or an external storage device as a backup (the same for tablets and mobile phones),
  • Use apps such as “112 where are u”, available on Android  and  iOS to get in touch with local law enforcement Authorities (please, check if such apps works in the target country before  traveling there)
  • Look at your Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for additional information and alerts.

Stay safe!

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