“Hire for attitude, you can always teach skills”

This is pretty much what most recruiters or headhunters use to say and compliance makes no exception on this regard, not only in the relevant department but throughout any organization.

Disciplinary measures are, in particular, amongst the most important and delicate aspects to tackle and should be clearly spelled out in any compliance program, the reason is very straightforward; any compliance program should serve 2 purposes on this regard:

  •  Preventive: misconduct will not be tolerated,
  •  Responsive : misconduct will be punished.

But what if employees are actually compliant? Should a company reward them, perhaps during the periodic evaluations?

I often get this kind of requests while preparing compliance programs for my clients.

My answer is No, simply because being compliant should be the only acceptable and accepted way of working, this, eventually, means having an ethical corporate culture.

Other approaches, I am afraid would only make compliance look like the exception rather than the rule.

Conversely, disciplinary measures, even termination, in the most serious cases,  should be applied whenever deemed appropriate as they constitute one of the fist steps to stop misconducts.

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